Batting Cage Information & User Rules

Booking Procedures (as of January 27, 2024)

The NMBA Batting Cage is booked through the NMBA Administration. Forms can be submitted at any time. Forms will be reviewed Mon - Fri between 10am & 4pm (except on stat holidays). Replies and access information will be sent from within 24 hours of the first reading of the submitted form.

If you have questions please email

To book Batting Cage timeslots:

  1. please confirm the timeslot is available by selecting the correct month on HERE>>
  2. Complete and submit the online Batting Cage Booking Form. Link can be found at the top of each "month" page or click HERE>>
  3. Confirmation and access details will be sent to the email address you supply and your spot will be booked.
  4. If you are a non-NMBA User, an electronic invoice will be sent with payment options. Payment is due prior to booked date.

Insurance: Nanaimo Minor Baseball Association players are insured under their NMBA registration. If you have other youth participating in the cage sessions their parents/guardians are required to complete a waiver form. NMBA Administration will provide a link to the online waiver forms.

Non-NMBA Users are responsible for securing insurance under their association's plan.

NMBA Batting Cage User Rules

  • ALL Users will be held accountable to use the cage respectfully, and abide by the following rules:
  • Absolutely NO FOOD permitted in the Batting Cage. This includes Spitz and sunflower seeds.
  • All garbage and empty beverage containers must be put into the provided garbage cans inside the cage or removed from cage.
  • No littering in the area around the cage. Please remove all garbage or use garbage cans inside the cage.
  • Immediate reporting of damages, whether you did it or not. This includes holes put in walls. We understand that this may occur and we need to make arrangements to make repairs.
  • All Users must enter and exit the cage during their allocated time.
  • Ensure cage security is maintained. Lock up after use and ensure key lock box and doors are secure. Turn out all lights and check both doors.
  • Smoking and vaping is not permitted in or near the Batting Cage.
  • User groups found to be using the cage disrespectfully will have their use privileges suspended. The existing camera security system can, and will, be used to ensure respectful use. The onus is on users to demonstrate respectful use, not on NMBA to prove negligence.
  • Use of Batting Cage without securing a booking will result in the user having their use privileges suspended.
  • Dropping by to see if the cage is not being used is strictly prohibited. You must have a scheduled booking to use the cage.
  • User groups found to have caused damage to the cage, beyond normal wear and tear, will be required to provide a damage deposit before further use will be permitted.