In the 13U Division we will focus on the development of basic fundamentals, speed variations, stressors and game situations. Players will also work on their mental game, teamwork and dealing with adversity.

13U Spring Ball plays fair play rules.
All players play at least 3 defensive innings per 6 inning game, and all players bat. We conduct pre-Spring Ball evaluations to get a sense for player skill level and form teams of roughly equal overall skill, ensuring that each team is competitive in their league. Coaches are strongly encouraged to give all players an opportunity at all positions (where they are comfortable and won't be at risk of injury). Coaches are strongly encouraged to give all players an opportunity to pitch. The primary objective given to Spring Ball coaches is to make sure all their players finish the season wanting to come back next season. Coaches typically divide players into station groups during practice of similar skill level, so that each station skill can be scaled up or down in a way that is appropriate for the skill level.

Prospects Ball: 13U Spring Ball players who desire a more competitive experience have the opportunity to try out for Prospects Ball, which runs concurrently with Spring Ball and provides extra games and practices to these players. Players who play Prospects Ball are required to fulfill their commitment to their Spring House Team.


2023 Spring Ball Season will be 10 weeks: April 10 - June 23

Practices and games will be seventy-five minute sessions twice per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays between 5:00pm-7:45pm.

You will be provided your Season Schedule by your team coach after registration concludes, evaluations are complete and coaches and teams are selected.

Included in 13U Spring Ball Registration:

  • A Team T-shirt
  • A Baseball hat
  • A pair of Ball Socks
  • Player Photo | Team Photo Package

Each Player must have:

  • Glove
  • Batting Helmet
  • Bat
  • Baseball Pants
  • Belt/Socks
  • Athletic Support (jock / jill)
  • Baseball Cleats (rubber)


There is no such thing as too many Coaches or Parents assisting!

If you are interested in coaching or assistant coaching please contact the 13U Division Manager: 13umanager@nmba.ca