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First and foremost in all divisions, we are in need of more head and assistant coaches to ensure that the upcoming season is a fun and successful season for all players in all divisions. The goal of NMBA is to provide the players with a safe and fun environment along with an emphasis on skill development so that they may enjoy success on the field and build friendships with their teammates. Having 2-3 coaches per team is critical to accomplishing this goal. I can understand the reluctance by some parents to step forward because of the time commitment or the belief that a lack of background in baseball or coaching experience precludes them from being a great candidate. The reality is that there a number of roles that coaches play and that by having coaching staff of 2-3 parents with a variety of skill sets and baseball experience, organizational and communication skills and enthusiasm, the coaching staff can help the players enjoy a memorable season.


Criminal background checks are required for every coach. CRCs cost $10 (refundable by NMBA) and can be obtained at the main RCMP Detachment. I encourage anyone considering coaching to get their CRC completed. A new CRC is required for each minor sports organization so if you have taken one for another organization we require you to do so again. If you go to the RCMP station on your own, you will need a letter from the NMBA indicating the purpose of the CRC. They should have a copy of this letter on file at the Nanaimo station and will usually make a copy of it for you if you ask. You may also download a copy of this letter from the handouts section of this website.

The RCMP will no longer allow us to do bulk submissions as in the past. Each coach and assistant must go down to the Nanaimo Detachment and get a CRC. To avoid any delays or possibly missing a chance to coach this year, it is recommended all prospective coaches and assistants submit for a CRC any time after January 1st to ensure it is completed and ready to give to the NMBA at the all-coaches meeting just prior to the start of the season.

Lastly, recent legislation related to pardons given to convicted offenders requires that a second, more in-depth check be conducted whenever your birth date falls on the same day as a convicted offender. This can take an extra 4-6 weeks delaying your eligibility to coach so it is encouraged that if you have not had a CRC done or had yours flagged in a previous season you get a CRC sooner than later so that you can start the season with your team.


The NMBA requires all coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers to submit a criminal record check (CRC) once every two years.

The NMBA has registered with the Ministry of Justice so most CRCs can be done online.

A CRC is required, regardless of profession.

The results of your CRC will be sent to NMBA Administrator and will be confidential.


1. Go to the Ministry of Justice website at

2. Enter the NMBA access code: UDS65KPAJD

3. Fill out the online application

4. Note: some people will have to go to the RCMP station and submit a manual application. This occurs if your name or birthdate matches someone with a criminal record. You will be advised if you need to submit a manual application. The NMBA ID number for manual applications is 1604697.

Please see the Ministry of Justice website for more information at:


All managers, coaches, and assistants should be aware that they have certain responsibilities related to the various codes of conduct for BC Minor and the NMBA. As a representative of the NMBA, it is your responsibility to know and understand these codes of conduct. The information on the CCoC is from the BC Minor rule book and has always applied to all of our coaches and assistants. What we have done is put some of the highlights down on paper to ensure that at a minimum, these things will be known to all coaches and assistants even if they do not read the rule book fully.

You can read or download a copy of this code of conduct here: Code of Conduct

The code of conduct, in its entirety, also applies to parents, spectators, and players equally. It may be a good thing to make copies of the abbreviated version on our website to hand out at your parent meeting and then emphasize that it applies to parents and spectators as well.


There will be a pre-season coaches meeting held. The purpose of the meeting is to prrovide a venue for CRCs as well as provide information and answer questions regarding the upcoming season. A coaches meeting will be held by each Division manager as well before or after this meeting to review Division specific rules, team selection, development ideas and facilitate equipment pick-up. Please check this page for the actual date and time of the pre-season meeting.

If you have any questions regarding coaching email